Safety Courses

Please check out our friends at Pulse Firearms Training. Here is an excerpt about them and what they do:

We have one objective at Pulse O2DA – to teach our clients the gunfighting skills necessary to win the fight of their lives.

Pulse O2DA offers combative firearms instruction. Our instruction is delivered via training courses, training programs, training manuals, online videos, photos, and other training resources. You can access our training courses and products directly from us, or through our growing network of Authorized Training Partners (ATP’s) and certified Combative Firearms Instructors (CFI’s).

If you’re serious about defending your life, the lives of your loved ones, your business, your school, your church, and your community, then you need to read more about our approach.  Our training is based upon our own gunfighting methodology and a training ladder we developed to convert a novice gun owner into a competent defender of life and property. Read further to learn about our Training Ladder and the Pulse Engine gunfighting methodology.


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